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EMI Drywall is a leading provider in drywall and metal framing services. For any structure to be sturdy and for it to withstand the everchanging climate, it is fundamental that the framing of your building is to to be built with the correct material. For all your commercial framing needs, contact EMI Drywall in Hillsboro, Oregon at 503-747-2006 or contact us online!

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Metal framing is known as a strong technique for building and reinforcing structures which have been in use since the 1950s. Fundamental to all structures is the skeleton of your home or business, and it has a significant task of keeping up the integrity of the structure. While Metal Framing can be utilized in many ways for private homes or expansion ventures, it is particularly helpful for business structures.

Metal Framing Advantages

  • The columns are thick and can withstand compressive pressure. 
  • It doesn’t break or split. Nor does it rust or mold. 
  • Metal surrounding structures the essential part of a structure. The situation of entryways, the size of, and windows can be chosen while building the metal edge. 
  • The commercial structure is a more durable, sustainable, and affordable technique for a strong building structure.
  • Metal structures are increasingly flexible in plan and can be utilized to make your building dreams a reality. 
  • Metal structures are environmentally friendly. 
  • It’s a quicker construction process than wooden structures.

We have significant in building offices, apartment complexes, multi-use, and much more. At EMI Drywall, we take great pride in what we do. Our large staff of professionals and subcontractors allow us to consistently meet our deadlines on time, and to fully meet our customers’ satisfaction. Ready to work with us? Contact us at 503-747-2006 or fill out the contact form. 

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