Commercial Insulation
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Is it time to remove the old, maybe even moldy insulation from your office or building? Not only is it a health hazard but, it is an issue that can unleash havoc in a company, whether you are a non-profit organization or a commercial business. Clean up the mess with EMI Drywall. No matter the size of your business, a clean and safe work environment is necessary. Look no further than EMI Drywall in Hillsboro, Oregon, and surrounding cities. Our experts can provide you a complimentary quote when you call us at 503-747-2006 or fill out our contact form. 

Insulation Removal

How do I know when to replace my insulation? In general, if the insulation is wet, damp, or moldy it needs to be replaced. Damage can also be caused by fires, rodents, and anything else lurking or in between your walls – causing further damage to your pockets. All of these factors can reduce increase the amount of heat transferred through your walls, therefore, becoming less efficient and reducing the energy efficiency of your home. 

If you need old insulation removed from your home, EMI Drywall is the contractor to call! Our experts explain everything step by step, starting with the removal of the insulation, then remove we clean the area and install new, high-quality insulation so you can start saving on your utility bills again. 

For insulation removal in Hillsboro, call (503) 747-2006 or contact us online!


Insulation Replacement

Regardless of where you need new insulation, whether it’s your office or a new commercial facility under construction, EMI Drywall can assist. We install high-quality insulation products from trusted sources.


New Buildings

If you are a developer or contractor who needs to subcontract to an insulation company on a new project, EMI Drywall has the knowledge and experience you are looking for. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve earned our stripes as a trusted company in the area. 

Existing Buildings

On average insulation has a lifespan of 25 years, needless to say, if you own a commercial building, insulation replacement will be on the horizon. As insulation does not last forever, there comes a time when there is improvement for comfortability and energy-efficient solutions.

Whether you are in search of insulation removal or replacement, EMI Drywall is your go-to contractor in HIllsboro, Oregon, and surrounding areas, including Southwest Washington. Contact the insulation professionals at 503-747-2006 or fill out our contact form, an expert will quickly respond to your request.


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