Commercial Acoustic Ceiling Installation in Hillsboro, OR & Surrounding Areas

If you are in Hillsboro or surrounding cities including Southwest Washington and want to install acoustic ceilings in your commercial building or business, you are in the right place! EMI Drywall installs acoustic tiles and we do everything from small office improvement projects to multifamily dwellings and high rise apartments and buildings. Give us a call at 503-747-2006 or send us an email to

Comprised of tiles separated in metal networks, acoustical roofs are perfect when there are a lot of hard surfaces (ceramic tile flooring, and so on.), and sound bounces easily from walls to ceiling floors making echoes. Although acoustic ceilings are typically used for sound control purposes, suspended acoustical T-bar ceilings offer different advantages too.

Acoustic Ceiling Benefits

  • Can hide unattractive wiring, pipes and ventilation work 
  • Can be painted to coordinate the structure’s inside 
  • Are a simple method to improve an inside without broad redesign 
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Help improve year-round comfort 
  • Upgrade inside spaces without broad remodel work 

Acoustic tiles are also available in different levels of reflectivity, fire and humidity resistance. 

At EMI Drywall, our professionals recommend the right high-quality tiles for your needs. Whether you are looking for a sound reduction in your office, increase comfortability in your space or improve energy efficiency (and lower your utility bills), our team of experts gets the job done. If you are located in Hillsboro, Oregon, and surrounding cities, get in touch with us at 503-747-2006 or fill out the contact form. One of our experts will be in touch with you.

Looking for more services? EMI Drywall offers numerous construction services including drywall removal and installation, metal framing, small demolitions, insulation removal and installation, and construction cleaning!


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